By Radix Team 29/03/2017 10:23 am
Trent's Race Diary

Trent Thorpe, 20-year-old New Zealander, is emerging as a triathlete to watch - following his rapid rise to success as a young athlete.
After spending his early years as a competitive swimmer, in 2014 Trent switched focus to triathlon and has never looked back.

Since 2015, he has trained and raced semi-professionally. Having raced as a member of the NZ Talent Squad for Triathlon and as a current member of the Auckland Pathway to Podium Programme, Trent justifiably has high hopes of making triathlon a full-time career.

Trent recently went to the Mooloolaba ITU Trathlon World Cup.



Australia’s Mooloolaba surprised me – hot, sunny and energy-sapping. Upon arrival, I was glad I’d been training wearing thermals to accustom to the heat!

I spent two days acclimatising and taking it easy – I’ve learned to avoid stress prior to an event. Race day started well – at 7.00am I get up and head straight to the pool for a light 2km swim. After a comfortable warm up, I tuck into my favourite Radix and get some rest before race time.

Sam Clark wins the C2C

I felt relaxed and ready by 1.30pm when it was time to take a quick swim and set-up my bike. As the starting hooter went off, I sprinted into the water in second position. After maintaining this position throughout the 1500 metre swim, I was caught in a wave, which meant I went from second to sixth position in an instant.

Despite this, I remained confident as I got on the bike. Soon enough I had gained a time advantage over the second group out of the water. By the time 40 km were behind me, I had gained a 90-second lead. Transition two into the run didn’t go as well as I’d hoped - suddenly I found myself at the back of the first group. With the run ahead of me, I knew I’d have to dig deep – this was my first ever draft legal race. I was sat in seventh place with Japanese athlete, Jumpei Furuya until the very last lap of the 10 km run – but the enormity of the race finally hit and as I headed up the hill for the last time, my body hurt. Unsurprisingly, some of the faster and more experienced runners from the second pack eventually caught me.

Despite this, I triumphantly crossed the line in eleventh place, just two and a half minutes behind the winner, Luke Willan.

I’m thrilled with the result, considering it was my first standard and world cup event. Most importantly, eleventh place has earned me a place in the World Triathlon Series race in the Gold Coast, on April 8th 2017, where I hope to gain another solid performance in a highly competitive field.