By Radix Team 12/04/2017 1:58 pm
World Triathlon Series at the Gold Coast

LAST weekend, Trent Thorpe made his debut on the ITU World Triathlon stage at the Gold Coast. At just twenty years of age, he was competing amongst a pack of the world’s best, with a considerably older average age.

It is widely recognised triathletes with many years’ experience are consistently at the top, so for Trent, emerging onto the world stage is a big deal.

 “The swim went pretty well, although my right goggle lens filled with water, meaning I couldn’t see the marker buoys ahead. Considering this, coming out of the water in third position was a good result for me.”


Sam Clark wins the C2C

Taking just 38 seconds, the first transition into the bike went smoothly - no competitor went under 36 seconds.

“I got out as fast as I could and found myself with the top three bikes.”

The breakaway included five-times ITU World Champion; Spaniard, Javier Gomez. 

“I felt pretty inspired racing with my idol. It’s a David and Goliath moment; to me he is up there with the gods.

“We stuck close for the first two laps before the rest of the pack caught up and everyone rode the last three laps together.”

Trent has learned to gain confidence from these new encounters.

“I am the next generation – it is exciting to imagine where I can be in another five or ten years.”

As he transitioned off the bike into the run, Trent found himself in the middle of the pack and sprinted hard to catch the leaders on the run.

“I held onto them for a kilometre or so, after that my legs fatigued and I lost a bit of pace.”

Trent knows that running is an area where he can make significant improvement.

“To put things in perspective, most of these athletes have been doing this for fifteen years – I’ve only been at it for three. I’m stoked to place 29th at such a prestigious event.”

Currently, Trent is taking a two-week hiatus – rest is important to make gains. After that, he will train hard to hopefully make selection for Team NZ, at the Under 23 World Championships in Rotterdam, this coming August.

“I want to be selected – I’ve tried hard to earn a place. If I do, I am aiming for a top five finish. I have to set my sights high.”

Trent enjoys using Radix meals for convenience and performance gains.

“The meals are really useful for me when I am trying to stay lean and get superior nutrition at the same time. Radix takes care of that and I trust the product 100%. Eating them is the easy part, it is just difficult choosing which one to have.”

“Using Radix meals is advantageous in preparation and leading up to events - time is short and travel can be disruptive. Australia was only a short trip, however, the ability to line-up a nutritional plan in advance was great”

Trent is inspired by his younger sister, Ainsley Thorpe. At just nineteen years of age, she is already making a name for herself as a junior triathlete, having placed second at the Perth OTU Triathlon Junior Oceania Championships, in March this year.

“I’m proud of Ainsley and we have a good relationship. We are lucky, our parents put massive time and energy into supporting us.”


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