Radix Nutrition - 2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award Winner
By Radix Team 4/05/2018 4:02 pm

On Wednesday, May 2nd, the winners of the 2018 Packaging & Processing Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA) for Australia and New Zealand were announced in front of 500 people during a gala dinner at the Marriott Hotel Surfers Paradise, Queensland. The team here at Radix are proud to be the recipients of the 2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award in the Food Category; designed to recognise companies who are making a significant difference in this field across Australia and New Zealand.

This highly sought-after award category in which we beat out the competition, was open to all food packaging across New Zealand and Australia, including fresh, frozen and shelf-stable foods. And as such, we were honoured to be nominated and named as a finalist. Winning the award is on another level entirely.

The PIDA Awards, coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), the Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) and the Packaging Council of New Zealand, are also an exclusive feeder program for the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards (open to packaging from around the globe); for which Radix Nutrition will be a nominee in the next award season.

We sat down with Radix Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Rudling, to get his thoughts on receiving the recognition, and hear from the man himself, the vision behind this this award-winning packaging.  Here’s what he had to say:

Mike Rudling with the Design Innovation AwardAt Radix, we strive to provide a simple user experience as we help our customers integrate a highly nutritious meal around the demands of busy schedules and the areas of their lives they wish to focus upon. Our packaging gives us a chance to communicate these values and deliver on them for our customers. 

We hope to provide a user experience that is as simple and as seamless as possible; believing that a product should be a pleasure to use, and above all, should be a tool that empowers the consumer to remain focused upon his or her passion in life.

The team works to achieve simplicity by continuously focusing on each element of the customer experience. In design, we look to remove any elements that cause friction in how our product is used or distract from communicating our core value; that we are here to provide the highest quality nutrition, as simply as possible.

Packaging design has several key elements some of which are not immediately visible to our consumer. Packaging is a balance between manufacturing technologies, material science and product design. We focus these three elements to ensure the quality of our nutrients are protected while ensuring the consumer has a simple and rewarding experience with our products.

We strive to find the highest quality barrier materials to protect the integrity of our ingredients which allows our customers to use our products in some of the most extreme environments the planet can throw at them. From competing in the Volvo Ocean Race to summiting some of the highest peaks in the world, we focus on providing a product that continues to not only reliably perform but ensures nutrient quality is not compromised.

For the functional design elements, we work to ensure the product is intuitive and each element falls naturally into the user's hands. An example of this is the easy tear line located mid-way down our packaging that allows it to transform into a bowl. In designing this feature, we considered the required bowl volume we would need for each of our product ranges and also the wide range of hand sizes and eating styles we see in our users to ensure that the hand remains clear of the packaging (and clean) while in use.

Visually we have worked hard to find a unique and ownable appearance that is both visually striking whilst also remaining simple, therefore reflecting a core value of Radix; offering a simple solution to a complex problem. Should a person take a closer look at our product, their eye will quickly be drawn to the nutritional features and the outstanding quality of our ingredients. This is a truly defining element for Radix and one we are very passionate about.

Winning a PIDA award in recognition of the innovative nature of our design reinforces our beliefs and inspires our entire team to continue to drive hard, with a relentless desire to improve our product. Radix sees itself as a technology company focused on providing a real-world solution to enhancing human health and performance through accessible nutrition. This is our passion and we are proud to be the only New Zealand brand to receive one of these prestigious design innovation awards.