Deborah Paine Riding to the Top
By Radix Team 23/11/2017 10:56 am

RISING sensation, Deborah Paine, scooped double accolade at the K1 Road Cycling Classic on the Coromandel Peninsula, last month. Starting in Thames, the race took place on Saturday, October 28th, in wet conditions, which lasted most of the day. The field of riders had just under 100km of rugged Coromandel road to navigate, including two tough climbs, with Kopu-Hikuai the first on the way out of Thames, and the second up and over Pumpkin Hill outside of Tairua.

Racing in the highly-competitive K1 Elite Women's race, Paine finished first in her age group (18-22 years) and second overall, with a time of 2 hours, 45 minutes and 19 seconds.


“My motivation was challenged by cold, foggy and wet Coromandel, but adrenalin soon kicked in and thankfully the rain abated. Amongst a small field of women, hiding was not an option and the race split early. After the first hill, there was only four of us and we’d already put plenty of hurt in the legs before we approached Pumpkin Hill. Unfortunately, at this crucial part of the race, my legs just couldn't hack it and eventual overall winner, Teresa Adam, managed to pull away. The battle for second was between myself and Grace Anderson. With 10km left, I went full gas into the last climb and could hold her off until the finish. I was happy to come away with first place in the under 23’s and second overall - not a bad way to celebrate the first anniversary of my cycling career!”

The win adds to Paine’s fast-growing list of accolades in competitive cycling and the team at Radix Nutrition think she is an exciting prospect to watch. She is also a fan of Radix meals and proves how effective and efficient they are for an athlete on a mission to rise to the top.

Paine has spent the past three years studying to become a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, in Palmerston North. Having just completed her final year, she will return to her family home in Tauranga, until March next year.


"It’s an exciting new chapter, having been selected by racing team, Isorex, to train with them in Belgium between March and September 2018. I’m eager to experience high-calibre racing. With the top three racing tours in Europe, there is little wonder it is seen as the 'home' of road racing. I intend to leave having seriously raised my racing game. In the meantime, I can spend time with my family and plan how to earn an income while I am away, by setting up my own Nutrition consultation website."

Born in Tauranga, twenty-year-old Paine and her family moved to Ethiopia for seven years, when she was three years old. During that time, despite being active, she didn’t participate in sports. After returning to New Zealand, while at college, she began playing rugby. Paine played representative (county/district) Rugby at college (13 yrs-18yrs) but broke her finger once selected for the Reps team and she subsequently transitioned to middle distance running. Her preferred distance being 3-5km. She quickly found her stride and ran in the Nationals but then developed a bone cyst on her big toe, which required an operation and stopped her running. The painful cyst was leaking fluid into the bone and for the second time, she was forced to look for a new competitive activity. This time, she was drawn to road cycling and one year later, she isn’t looking back.

"At the last crossroads in my life, it was helpful to remember ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. I like this, it reminds me to look ahead and create opportunities."

Paine's insatiable attitude to succeed is something she attributes to her parents.

"Mum always said, 'God give us natural talents and opportunities - it's up to us to develop the talents, work hard and grab the opportunities.' and that resonated with me. I want to do my best."


Juggling studies with training, she is learning how to find balance in life.

"Road biking is demanding, I ride around two-to-four hours per day. Diligence with my time is key and yes, sacrifices do get made. My social life takes a back seat, although I do make time for 'me', meeting up with friends when I can. If I don't, other areas of life suffer."

As an avid consumer of Radix meals, we wanted to know more about how she uses them and what her typical diet looks like. High training demands place added stress on a body, increasing their need for specific nutrients and calories. 

"Quality food is paramount and I need lots of calories on training days - around 150% the average RDA for a woman my age. The body needs a wide range of nutrients to function at its best. Energy production, bone health, immune function and protection against oxidative damage are just a few of essential roles of vitamins and minerals. This is particularly important as an athlete in proper recovery and staying healthy while training hard. Because Radix prioritise food quality, I know I’m getting the very best from their products."


"I've found Radix meals to be extremely useful - between studying and training, allowing me to fuel on-the-go. They have taken the stress out of food sourcing and preparation. I chuck them in my bag for busy days, between classes and before/after training. They are a great addition to everyday life and anyone can benefit from the excellent nutrition inside. I love knowing that I am providing my body with all the essential nutrients it needs for optimal performance and recovery. Ingredients that I wouldn't usually consider, like bone broth and liver, are believed to have positive healing and anti-inflammatory properties."

“When I have time on my hands, I've learnt ways to eat well on a budget; I cook in bulk and freeze meals. I'll often make quick meals like stir fries, wraps and egg on toast. You don't need to buy quinoa or goji berries. I stick to the basics; protein, vegetables and wholegrain carbohydrates. I buy fruit and vegetables seasonally, where I get more for my money. Studying nutrition is useful for understanding the importance of nutrients and how the body functions." 

"I aim for a well-balanced plate at every meal and Radix Wellbeing meals are ideally balanced. A meal should be around half vegetables, quarter protein and quarter carbohydrates. However, some days call for extra carbohydrates, especially leading into a race - a Radix Performance meal is perfect in this instance. Post event, I increase protein to aid recovery. I include as many colours of vegetables that are available, quality protein source - my favourite is usually chicken or fish, but I make sure I eat plenty of red meat - I love venison, especially the Radix Wild Venison meatballs. It's definitely essential to get in the good fats too, such as olive oil or avocado oil - another reason I like the Radix meals, which only contain Olive Oil, Avocado Oil or Coconut Oil in their meals."


As a dedicated athlete, we wondered what she does for treats?

"If a 'treat' food is no longer a 'treat', then that's too often. I love to eat everything, but in moderation. Being able to enjoy good food with good company is special. However, treats should be reserved for these special occasions and be a part of a healthy lifestyle. I see healthy food as a treat, my three favourite Radix flavours are; Venison Leek and Thyme, which is an awesome flavour combination; Mexican Beef Chilli, which has a great kick and my other favourite; Chicken Tikka Masala - better than any takeaway! I refuse to restrict myself though, if I want ice cream, I’ll have it and enjoy it."

It seems this insatiably positive woman is getting a lot of things right and the team at Radix Nutrition are proud to sponsor Deborah Paine on her meteoric rise within the world of road cycling.

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