Under 23 World Championships for Trent Thorpe
By Radix Team 10/07/2017 2:21 pm
Trent Thorpe

Despite disappointment last month in Osaka Japan, due to sickness, triathlete Trent Thorpe is flying high – having been selected for the Elite Under 23 World Championships in Rotterdam, this September. With an average of two triathletes representing each participating country, the field of the world’s best under 23’s will feature around 60-70 competitors. He will compete alongside Tayler Reid, who placed 30th in last year’s World Championships, in Cozumel, Mexico. 

Thorpe is busy preparing to emerge onto the World Championship stage in his first national triathlon team. Radix recently caught up with him to discuss plans and how Radix meals can help him to succeed. 

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“This will be my first time in the national triathlon team and an opportunity to prove myself – it’s a big deal. Under 23’s is widely regarded as one of the best ways to transition from junior competition (under 19) to open competition – where the most experienced elite triathletes vie for global prestige.”

“I reckon I got selected because my swim is strong. There’s less room for manoeuvre during the cycle – it is so technical. On the day, I think it’ll come down to whoever swims the best, can maintain position during the bike and has enough left in the tank for the run.”

“I’m not familiar with the wider competition, but I am aware that the Spanish and French teams have a good reputation. I want to go below 33 minutes for the 10km. The winner will probably go under 32 minutes.”

Thorpe was pragmatic when we asked him about his recent disappointing performance at the Osaka ASTC Sprint Triathlon in June. 

“I had an asthma flair-up when I arrived and by week two I had a chest infection. Radix meals were my saviour. I relied on the breakfasts because I can’t stomach noodles or rice for breakfast. I used the Performance meals after training. When I was unwell, Radix meals provided safe food that I could trust and knew would help me recover. Preparing for the chance of illness during travel and having a supply of ‘go-to’ food has always been part of the plan with the meals. I know I can turn to them if in any doubt.”

“I’d wanted a top three in my first race, but I was already sick and only managed a top ten place. In race two, I felt terrible and I am almost thankful that I sustained a flat tyre in the first lap of the bike. I don’t honestly think I could have finished. It is the first flat I have ever had in a race, ironically I was almost relieved!”

Thorpe will head to Southern Spain with the other selected members of the NZ team, for camp a month before Rotterdam’s World Championships – to Banyoles, in Catalonia.

“I’ll train and take part in two races. The first, a sprint distance triathlon in Belgium and the second, a standard distance event in the Czech Republic. I’m aiming for solid performances."

Thorpe admits there isn’t anything he doesn’t eat, but he is sensitive to dietary changes and tries to stick to a familiar diet.

“When I am away from home, I miss my routine, especially my great physiotherapist and the food that fuels me well. Banyoles is remote and rural, so getting familiar food isn’t going to be easy. To avoid problems when travelling, I focus on routine. A big lesson for me has been maintaining my dietary approach in the lead up to a race and not introducing new foods or risks associated with traveling and eating out. Radix ensures my diet reflects normal eating habits as much as possible – plenty of vegetables, fruit and quality protein. I will use Radix savoury meals for recovery after training and the breakfasts, which I love, will be my go-to morning meal.” 

“Right now, I’m focussed on routinely making improvements in preparation for camp. It is also about maintenance – staying healthy and injury free. I focus on the little things – it helps me avoid getting overwhelmed. Now is the time to eliminate foods that don’t do my body good. Treats are out… for now!”

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