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- Natural Ingredients.
- Gluten-Free
- Plant-based options.
- Good source of protein.
- Good source of fibre.
- Low carbohydrate
- Freeze-Dried to preserve nutrients.
- Unique, simple to use meal design.


- Save time.
- Take control of your diet by knowing what you eat.
- Balanced nutrition design to promote health.
- Nutritionally complete. Designed to provide everything your body needs.

Nutritional Design

Radix Wellbeing range gives you the nutrition you needs to be at your best. They are carefully designed in line with nutritional science to be high in protein and fibre and naturally low in carbohydrate. Many people have successfully used the Wellbeing range to lose weight, control blood sugar for diabetes, feel better and thrive.

- Gluten-Free
- No dairy added
- High in protein
- Good source of fibre
- Nutrient-dense 
- Natural ingredients

Main Meal (average values per serving)

- Protein:                 28g
- Carbohydrate:      36g
- Fat:                      22g
- Fibre:                     9g

Breakfast Meal (average values per serving)

- Protein:                20g
- Carbohydrate:      38g
- Fat:                      34g
- Fibre:                   13g

Designed For

- Everyday use
- Busy schedules
- Weight loss
- Blood glucose level control
- Travel

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