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- Natural Ingredients.
- 90% pure Fonterra Whey Protein Isolate (breakfast meals).
- Up to 37g protein per serving.
- Natural, wild, free-range & organic meats
- Freeze-Dried for nutritional quality.
- Gluten-Free.
- Radix's unique ready-to-eat meal format.


- Use Olympic athlete level nutrition to anywhere on earth.
- Maintain health and performance in challenging situations.
- The fastest way to access the nutrition your body needs. Just add water.
- Nutritionally complete. Designed to provide everything your body needs.

Nutritional Design

The Expedition meal range has been designed to support prolonged high activity levels as commonly found in expeditions, mountaineering and adventure racing etc.

- High in natural vitamins, antioxidants and minerals to help improve cellular function.
- A broad spectrum of fatty acids may optimise mental performance.
- Whey Protein can help boost the immune system and facilitate muscle repair.
- Exciting flavours combat a lack of appetite and incentivise refuelling.

Designed For

- Fat adapted athletes
- Extreme endurance events
- Mountaineering
- Adventure racing
- Military

Nutritional Partner to

- New Zealand Alpine Team (Learn More)

Project Akros – Global Circumnavigation of the Southern Hemisphere (Learn More)


- World record, solo crossing of Southern Ocean by rowing boat, Fedor Konyukhov, Project Akros, 2019 – 154 days – 11,525km (Learn More)


- 2018, Packaging & Processing Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA), Winner, First in New Zealand History. Learn more: foodanddrinkbusiness.com.aupacking.org.nz, scoop.co.nz, packaging news.co.au, radixnutrition.com,  
- 2019, World Star Packaging Award, Winner, First in New Zealand History. Learn more: australian institute of packaging,  packaging.org.nz, insiderobotics.com.au, insiderobotics.com.au, foodprocessing.com.au, foodmag.com.au, foodanddrinkbusiness.com.au , packagingstrategies.com

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