AIP | Wild Alaskan Salmon with Garlic & Lemon

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AIP Wild Alaskan Salmon with Garlic & Lemon Freeze-Dried Meal

Ingredients: Courgette, Pumpkin, Leek, Wild Salmon Meatballs (14%) [Wild Salmon (89%), Organic Rice Flour (7%), Ginger, Parsley, Pink Himalayan Salt, Lemon Zest, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Oil], Broccoli, Celery, Organic Coconut Oil, Beef Bone Broth, Organic Coconut Milk (Contains Maltodextrin), Spinach, Basil, Ginger, Pink Himalayan Salt, Parsley, Garlic (0.2%), Lemon (0.2%), Lemongrass, Coriander Leaf, Thyme
Contains fish. May contain milk and tree nuts.

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Product Description

Low inflammation. High in nutrients. Health starts here.

The Radix Nutrition AIP range is aimed at assisting those seeking to recover from an autoimmune disease
through applied nutrition. Those following an AIP dietary approach may have varying sensitivities to
certain ingredients that are thought to be inflammatory, as initially identified by Dr Loren
Cordain, the creator of the AIP protocol.

Wild Alaskan Salmon with Garlic & Lemon does contain trace amounts of grains and processed oils –
with 1.3 grams of organic white rice flour, 0.5 grams of organic maltodextrin and 0.013 grams of
sunflower oil
, respectively, per meal. White rice acts as a binder in the salmon meatballs and in this amount
may be suitable for some on the AIP diet due to an absence of lectins and phytates (as the outer hull has
been stripped). The sunflower oil is a carrier for the rosemary extract within the meatballs. Organic
maltodextrin is present in the coconut milk powder to prevent clumping.

For further information regarding the AIP approach, we suggest the following website:

Nutritional Information - AIP Wild Alaskan Salmon with Garlic & Lemon Freeze-Dried Meal


Review by: - Great AIP meal to go
This meal has more flavour than the AIP beef bone broth. I love that you can see the vegetable pieces to know that it’s really nutritious. I wish this product didn’t have sunflower oil so hopefully an alternative can be sourced. (Posted on 28/03/2020)
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