Expedition | Asian Style Wild Alaskan Salmon


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Expedition Asian Style Wild Alaskan Salmon Freeze-Dried Meal - Gluten Free

Ingredients: Wild Salmon Meatballs (27%) [Wild Salmon (89%), Organic Rice Flour, Ginger, Parsley, Pink Himalayan Salt, Lemon Zest, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Oil], Organic White Rice, Leek, Red Capsicum, Courgette, Pumpkin, Organic Coconut Milk (Contains Maltodextrin), Ground Almonds, Broccoli, Organic Coconut Oil, Lemongrass, Pink Himalayan Salt, Beef Bone Broth, Ginger, Basil, Sweet Paprika, Garlic, Coriander Leaf, Parsley. Kaffir Lime Leaf, Thyme, Black Pepper, Chilli
Contains fish and tree nuts. May contain milk.

* Australian customers, please note: Due to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resource – Salmonidae Import Conditions (Clause 2 of Section b), Radix' shipments to Australian customers are limited to 450 grams of Salmon meat per import (approx. 13-22 meals depending on the range).

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Product Description

Thrive outside your comfort zone.

A higher-fat-and-calorie selection of savoury meals. Ideal for explorers, adventurers and high-performance athletes wanting to achieve peak performance in extreme situations. Providing increased energy, high-quality protein and packed with nutrients.

Nutritional Information - Expedition Asian Style Wild Alaskan Salmon Freeze-Dried Meal


Review by: - Salmon fans must-eat!
Easily one of my favourites, there is a generous amount of salmon in this meal. The nutrients in this is phenomenal and definitely one of the reasons we were able to keep our diet healthy and balanced while doing a thru-hike. I even had this in a town stop once or twice, it was that good. Please try this! (Posted on 5/08/2019)
Review by: - Strong flavour
This meal was good the first time I had it, it had a strong salmon flavour and could be added to some extra rice to make a more substantial meal. I found the flavour would linger after eating though. (Posted on 5/08/2019)
Review by: - Yum!
Yet another great flavour from Radix - you’ve really
nailed it Team! Finding the balance between nutrition,
specific dietary requirements and great tasting food, is
not easy, but Radix has made planning the food side
of expeditions a breeze! (Posted on 11/04/2019)
Review by: - Delicious, gourmet, filling, healthy nutritious food!
What more is there to say! An ACTUALLY tasty meal
with an ingredients list that reads like a gourmet
restaurant menu - and all with epic amounts of carbs,
proteins, & fats that I’m craving while on trips into
the hills! Everyone else in the hut was jealous...
(Posted on 28/01/2019)
Review by: - Great!
This was very tasty, probably my favourite.
Really enjoyable. (Posted on 13/01/2019)
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