Radix Joins The New Zealand Alpine Team As Official Nutrition Partner
By Radix Team 10/07/2018 12:46 pm

The New Zealand Alpine Team Radix Nutrition is pleased to announce it's joining with the New Zealand Alpine Team (NZAT) as the Official Nutrition Partner. As New Zealand's premier alpine climbing group, the NZAT is a high-performance development and mentoring initiative started by the Expedition Climbers Club and designed a desire to support and encourage aspiring young Kiwi alpinists. We resonate with the NZAT's passion for developing human potential in the mountains. That's why  Radix Nutrition is proud to support this world-class team as they train and venture in extreme environments.

Radix Nutrition: Official Nutrition Partner of New Zealand Alpine Team. | Photo credit: NZAT

The team represents a new model of climbing in New Zealand. Some of the country's best alpine climbers volunteer their time to mentor a future generation of alpinists. In doing so, they help young climbers to learn valuable skills and knowledge at a much faster rate, improving their real-world performance.

Until now, there have been few established, structured ways for New Zealand and Australian climbers to progress their skills past basic snowcraft. Many climbers have to figure their sport out through a process of trial and error. It is also fairly hard to meet other climbers for regular alpine trips, and in particular, regular overseas expeditions. 

The NZAT provides upcoming climbers with the opportunity to move onto more challenging projects, under the guidance from more experienced climbers. By mentoring young climbers, the NZAT addresses the main barrier to progress for young kiwi mountaineers and also provides a group in which both established and aspiring alpinists can socialise, swap ideas, learn from each other and head out on expeditions.

Radix Nutrition: Official Nutrition Partner of New Zealand Alpine Team. | Photo credit: NZAT

Radix Nutrition and Enhancing Alpinism

As Official Nutrition Partners, Radix will work with the NZAT to ensure the team is more than just ‘feed’ or ‘fuelled’. Rather, we believe a person’s performance can be maximised through supporting optimal health (other products in the marketplace solely provide calories and flavour) – and the nutrients that are key to this optimal health and performance are best attained from natural ingredients of the highest quality. With this in mind, our Expedition range will be the obvious tool of choice for these world-class climbers and their protégés.

Designed to follow the emerging awareness that challenging and sustained efforts are optimally supported by a diet higher in protein and fat with a lower sugar and carbohydrate content, the Expedition range's distinctive nutritional profile can help maintain focus and mental acuity following a meal, avoiding fatigue and loss of concentration aka “brain fog”, as well as provide hours of consistent energy reserves.

Having already worked with a broad range of high performing people from Olympic athletes, Volvo Ocean Race competitors and adventurers through to those seeking to increase their health and wellbeing in everyday life, the feedback we receive from the NZAT will offer further valuable insights for the improvement of our products – something we are passionate about.

Radix Nutrition: Official Nutrition Partner of New Zealand Alpine Team. | Photo credit: NZAT

That passion for constant improvement is shared by the NZAT, which at its core, is a group of climbers from NZ (and a couple from Australia) who have a love of mountaineering. NZAT members, along with their friends in the Expedition Climbers Club, keep busy with numerous Team trips and private trips within New Zealand and overseas, including two official 'training' trips per year (one in NZ and one overseas).

As well as climbing together, all NZAT members are passionate about supporting kiwi mountaineering and volunteer their time to instruct courses at the Remarkables Ice and Mixed Climbing Festival (another Expedition Climbers Club initiative), and also help organise and attend other Expedition Climbers Club trips. In addition, they frequently publish advice, gear reviews and climbing beta from their adventures.

We look forward to joining them in their future endeavours as the NZAT’s Official Nutrition Partner.

You can follow the NZAT on the following platforms:
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Above: NZTA members Alastair Mcdowell, Caleb Jennings and Daniel Joll make the first ascent by an NZ Team of Punta Herron in Patagonia, fuelled by Radix Nutrition.