Wellbeing | Grass-Fed Lamb, Mint & Rosemary

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A hearty and wholesome stew, reminiscent of a Sunday roast meal. Combining grass-fed lamb meatballs with carrots, pumpkin and broccoli in a gravy-like Sauce.

Rehydration Time: ~10 minutes
2-Year Best Before Date

Wellbeing Grass-Fed Lamb, Mint & Rosemary

Ingredients: Grass-Fed Lamb Meatballs (15%) [Grass-Fed Lamb (90%), Organic Rice Flour, Parsley, Ginger, Pink Himalayan Salt, Rosemary Extract, Sunflower Oil], Pumpkin, Broccoli, Leek, Tomato [Includes Non-GMO Maize Starch 2.4%], Carrot, Celery, Organic Olive Oil, Mint, Garlic, Pink Himalayan Salt, Thyme, Rosemary, Black Pepper
May contain traces of fish, milk and tree nuts.

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