Performance range - Radix Nutrition

Designed for athletes.

Supporting recovery and adaptation.


Radix started here — designing products for athletes.

The Performance range is designed to help the body recover from training and high workloads through an idealised nutritional design. Promoting health, energy balance, recovery and adaptation. This range is designed to help turn training into results.


- High-quality Fonterra Whey Protein Isolate (breakfasts)
- Up to 42g protein per serving
- Freeze-Dried to preserve nutritional quality
- Natural Ingredients
- Gluten-Free


- Fast and easy to use. Just add water.
- Take your nutrition program wherever you go - no storage requirements.
- Nutritionally complete.

Nutritional Design

Radix Performance range provides the macronutrients the body needs to recover from physical efforts. Higher in protein than any other Radix meal range and combine a significant serving of plant-based ingredients for micronutrient quality.

- High in protein
- Nutrient-dense
- Natural ingredients
- Gluten-Free

Designed For

- Endurance athletes
- Strength athletes
- Muscle gain
- High activity levels
- International travel

Official Supplier to

- Australian Olympic Sailing Team. Learn more:,
- Ocean Respect Racing. Learn more:,, Radix Journal

Used by athletes at

- Sochi Olympic Games, 2014
- Rio Olympic Games, 2016
- PyeongChang Olympic Games, 2018
- Glasgow Commonwealth Games, 2014
- Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, 2018
- Volvo Ocean Race, Team Brunel, 2017/18. Learn more: The Ocean Race,  Radix Journal
- America's Cup, 2017
- Louis Vuitton Cup, 2017
- Japan Team, SailGP, 2019. Learn more:, Radix Journal 
- FINA Swimming World Championships, 2017
- FINA Swimming World Cup Rounds, 2016, 2017, 2018
- Tour of Qinghai Lake, UCI Asia Tour Cycling, 2018
- IRONMAN World Championships, 2016
- IRONMAN World Championships, 2017
- World record, solo crossing of Southern Ocean by rowing boat, Fedor Konyukhov, Project Akros, 2019,154 days,11,525km. Learn more:


- 2018, Packaging & Processing Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA), Winner, First in New Zealand History. Learn more:,  
- 2019, World Star Packaging Award, Winner, First in New Zealand History. Learn more: australian institute of packaging,,

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