1. Products and Nutritional Design

    • Nutrient density as a design goal?
    • Nutrient density is one of the key design goals at Radix.

      It is defined as a food’s nutritional value versus its energy content.

      We design our products to have, what we perceive to be, the highest nutrient density per serving possible. In general, we value nutrient density over calories and energy content as we believe it is the nutritional qualities of food that are typically lacking in a person’s diet and calories can be more easily made up for elsewhere. 

    • Which range is right for me?
    • Our ranges have been designed to meet a person’s individual needs based upon their activity level and nutritional requirements.

      Wellbeing Range
      Designed to improve the health and wellbeing of a person of normal activity levels in daily life. Products are free from gluten and dairy containing ingredients as we believe this may lower the chance of an allergenic response or loading on the bodies immune system.

      Performance Range
      Designed to support recovery from athletic training through a higher protein, carbohydrate and energy content. In general these suit any person who is physically active. While the serving size is larger than the Wellbeing Range it is not excessive. Where a person may wish to follow a very high energy diet around athletic training we recommend a strategy with more frequent meals as opposed to larger serving sizes.

      Expedition Range
      Designed in response to those looking to follow an LCHF approach to high activity levels. This product was genuinely designed to meet the needs of expeditions, mountaineering and exceptional events. Key design goals were a minimum weight to calorie ratio, minimum water requirements for rehydration and fuel requirements in heating and the macronutrients to support the body through extreme exertion.   

      AIP Range
      For those looking to follow an Autoimmune Protocol diet more simply in everyday life. If you wish to learn more about the AIP approach we can suggest the following website: https://www.thepaleomom.com/start-here/the-autoimmune-protocol/?cn-reloaded=1

      FODMAP Range
      For those looking to follow a FODMAP compatible diet more simply in everyday life. If you wish to learn more about the FODMAP diet we can suggest the following website: https://www.monashfodmap.com/ibs-central/i-have-ibs/starting-the-low-fodmap-diet/

    • Who are the products intended for?
    • Our products are for any person who seeks to improve their health or athletic performance. 

      They are intended for everyday life as well as for athletes and performers in extreme and challenging environments where they recognise the value of their personal output and performance. 

    • Who has used Radix products?
    • Radix has been used at the following notable events as well as many others:

      •   Sochi Winter Olympics

      •   Rio Olympics 2016

      •   America’s Cup

      •   Volvo Ocean Race

      •   Multiple New Zealand and Australia Professional sports teams

      •   Numerous World-Cups and World-Championships across many different sports

      •   Various mountaineering accomplishments

      •   Transatlantic Rowing

      •   Trans Southern Ocean World Record  

      The list is growing faster and faster…!

    • How do your meals look?
    • Radix products are made from recognisable, 100% natural ingredients. That means when you look into the product you will see small pieces of recognisable food such as broccoli, capsicum, courgette, rice, meatballs etc. 

      The ingredients we make are smaller than that which you may prepare at home. This helps us protect the fragile nutritional qualities of our food and is a key part of where our quality comes from.

      Our meals have a thick natural texture that can be eaten with a fork or a spoon.

    • How do your meals taste?
    • They taste just like real food! 

      All of our products should taste as they are described with clean natural flavours. We rely on the natural flavour characteristics of our ingredients so please read the label carefully and check out the review section.

    • How many servings in each meal?
    • Each meal is one serving. We do not mislead our customers with products that claim to be two servings when we all know that they are actually one. 

      We know that this may make our products look twice as expensive as some others when they are in fact not but we are simply not going to mislead anyone.

      Additionally, we design our meals by their nutritional profile. Each service has been designed to deliver what we believe to be close to the ideal macronutrient profile for one person per meal.

      You may find other products have such high sodium or sugar levels that they state it is a two-serving product to half these unhealthy characteristics. Not cool, we will never do this…

    • How often do you improve flavours?
    • Often! 

      We constantly refine flavours as a part of our product development efforts. We operate on a continuous improvement basis and frequently make minor adjustments in our products. We do not mention these very often but we do run a version number on the back our of Nutritional Information Panel so the team at Radix can keep track. 

      While this is an uncommon approach in the food industry it is common in the technology industry… We view Radix as a technology start-up company working on enhancing human potential through applied nutrition.

      We frequently improve our products based upon our customer’s feedback and often will involve that customer in the development process if they wish! Have an idea? Feel free share it with us. You never know, it may see you earn a place on Radix’s Pro Program or similar as a development partner!

    • How do I prepare my Radix meal?
    • Simply add water!

      Our products are fully cooked already, all you need to do is rehydrate them! 

      If your product is a lunch or dinner (savoury) you will need to add hot or boiling water as per the instructions on the back of the pack. For adventure athletes and those who do not have access to hot water, our meals are perfectly safe to be rehydrated with cold water. They may take longer to rehydrate and don’t taste as nice but it is certainly possible and often done.

      For the breakfast range, you may add cold or warm water but we do not recommend boiling. You may also choose to rehydrate breakfasts with any kind of milk you may prefer. It does not have to be water; the choice is yours! 

    • How do I measure the correct amount of water to rehydrate my product?
    • We have found it simplest to measure the rehydration volume by using a digital kitchen scale. 

      Simply open the product, remove the oxygen absorber and place the open packet on your scale. 1ml of water = 1 gram so just note that if a product requires 200ml of water, just “weigh” in 200 grams of water. Simple!

      Of course, you may also use a measuring jug if you wish, we just find it quicker to use a scale.

      What if I don’t have a scale or a measuring jug?
      Don’t worry! Simply add water bit by bit as you mix your meal until it reaches your desired consistency. Remember you can always add a little more water later on if it is too thick.

      We design our meals to be at a good consistency after 10 minutes. If you leave it longer, they will absorb more water and will require you to add a little more. It is not an exact science.  After you have made a couple of meals you will be able to make them up without scales when you need to.

    • How long do the meals take to rehydrate and do I have to wait the full time?
    • We recommend up to 10 minutes for ingredients to fully rehydrate but this may vary from time to time with the nature of our products and their seasonality.

      Product taste and texture will improve over the 10 minute waiting period however you may eat them as quickly as you like. Breakfasts can be eaten virtually immediately if you wish and for main meals, you are welcome to try them sooner but they may still be too hot.

    • Why is there an oxygen absorber in Radix products and not in others?
    • The O2 absorber combined with our packaging methodology allows us to avoid oxidative damage to our ingredient nutritional qualities. Yes, we know they are sometimes annoying to find but they are important and need to be there! 

      They should be in all other products in the market, but they are often cut to reduce costs.  We won’t sacrifice quality in this way and work directly with Mitsubishi MGC, the inventors of this technology, to select the most effect absorber to protect our ingredient quality.

    • Can I repack Radix meals into my own packaging for a special event?
    • Please don’t! 

      Our packaging is incredibly important in protecting our ingredients and ensuring a long shelf life at a high quality. Our ingredients are extremely sensitive to moisture in the air and cannot be repackaged.

      If you have something very important to you please contact us, we do occasionally package our products differently for customers such as Team Brunel in the Volvo Ocean Race. We will be happy to help if we can.

    • My packaging looks damaged, what should I do?
    • The packaging needs to be intact and free from pinholes that will allow oxygen and moisture into the bag.

      Contact us and we will see if we can help in any way.

      If you are unsure if your packaging is damaged or has a hole in it, you may find holding the bag underwater to see if any air bubbles escape a useful way of identifying leaks.

      In all instances, we are here to help you with our products and ensure that you are looked after and happy. Please contact us and let us know.

    • Are your products gluten-free?
    • All Radix products are tested to be gluten-free. 

      Our test results require for a nil-detection result in our laboratory quality tests.

      We test more frequently than we are required to because we believe this is the correct way to ensure we are confident in promising this to our customers. We believe you are far safer trusting a Radix product to be gluten-free than a café, restaurant or other operations. 

      We manufacture our products in our own facility and controlled manufacturing environment with HEPA filtered and humidity-controlled air. 

      We do not handle any ingredients containing gluten.

    • What is the shelf life of Radix products?
    • Radix products have a two year best before date from the time of manufacture.

      Providing packaging is intact and meals are stored below 25°C, meals may be safe to be consumed past their best before date; however, nutritional quality and flavour may be reduced.


2. Ordering and Shipping

    • Why does Radix only retail online?
    • Simply put, it allows us to make a higher quality product. We would have to build a lower quality product if it was sold through a retailer network and we don’t want to do this. We are driven to make the most significant positive impact on peoples lives through nutrition that is humanly possible to achieve. In order to make this happen we need:

      •   To offer high quality and nutritious products,
      •   To offer a compelling price point,
      •   To have a direct and open relationship with our customer base.

      To achieve this we wish to work with and retail directly to you, our customer.

    • Can I collect my order directly from Radix HQ?
    • Yes, you can and it would be our pleasure to meet you and show you how we make our products!

      You can order online and tick the "Pick up in-Store" tab, your order will be packed and waiting for you upon your arrival. We are located in Hamilton, two minutes off State Highway One. Come and meet us!

    • Do you export internationally?
    • Currently, you can purchase our products in Australia and New Zealand. This will be expanding in 2020!

    • Can I take my meals through customs?
    • You should declare Radix’s meals as personal food items that are fully cooked, freeze-dried and ready to eat. 

      Countries do have import laws around food and animal products, and we recommend you check your destination ahead of time.

      If we can help you further or you would like a producer statement to support your situation please contact us. 

    • What is the status of my order?
    • Once your order has been dispatched, you’ll receive a shipping notification with your tracking number. If you have any issues tracking please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

    • Where do you ship?
    • Anywhere in New Zealand and Australia. We are working on shipping to other countries in 2020. To keep up to date consider signing up to our newsletter, The Radix Journal, so that you know as soon as the product is made available to you!

    • Shipping costs and time?
    • Orders placed after 2 pm will be dispatched the following business day.

      New Zealand
      North Island – $5.00 (Standard)
      •   1 business day to main cities and towns
      •   2-3 business days rural delivery
      South Island – $5.00 (Standard)
      •   2-3 business days to all areas

      South Island – Overnight (Optional)
      •   1-20 meals   $25.00
      •   21-60 meals  $45.00
      Click here for more information

      Australia (DHL)
      Nationwide – $15.00 (Standard)
      •   2-4 business days to main cities and towns
      •   Up to 7 business days rural delivery

3. Returns

    • Can I return my products?
    • Yes, we can happily exchange or refund any order within 14 days of purchase. All we ask is that your products are unopened and in the same condition you received them in. For more information please visit our Returns page.

    • There is an issue or defect with my product, will you help me?
    • Absolutely!

      Please let us know at [email protected] or +64 (0)7 981 1282 and we will help you with whatever your concern or issue you have found. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 07:30 to 16:00 NZST and we offer dedicated customer service and technical support during these hours.

      We will ensure you always have a world-class product of exceptional quality that you can trust.

      We will either replace the defective product at no-charge or otherwise look to help you as best we can and with minimum hassle or effort on your part. We are here to help you.


4. Company

    • Who founded Radix?
    • Radix was founded by a group of former professional athletes who have truly lived to push the boundaries of their own human performance. 

      The desire to create the company and the product range originated from the founder's frustration with the level of confusion and difficulty faced by most people when they seek to understand the foods they should eating and try to apply them amongst the busyness of everyday life. 

      Radix was founded in 2013 and has become one of New Zealand's most innovative health food and nutrition start-ups.

    • Why was Radix founded?
    • Radix was founded to reduce the inequity between what is known at the forefront of the health sciences on diet’s effect on avoiding disease and illness and the application of this knowledge in everyday life.

      Radix wishes to create products that truly help people lead healthier and more fulfilled lives. 

      We believe that we have the unique ability to simplify the attainment of health for anybody.

    • What's in the name?
    • We gained our name by combining the meanings of two distinct words that define our ethos:

      The primary or beginning portion of a complex system

      The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth

    • Where are Radix products made?
    • We manufacture our products at our own purpose-built facility in Hamilton, New Zealand. We have gone to great lengths to bring our vision for quality to life and this has resulted in the creation of our own unique, world-class manufacturing facility.

      Many people do not know this but our products require a level of expertise, specialised equipment and manufacturing environments that mean we are likely the only company in the world capable of manufacturing our products.

    • Why New Zealand?
    • We chose to create Radix in New Zealand to be a part of an exceptional country, community and culture. 

      New Zealand offers one of the most naturally innovative cultures in the world, famous for its attitude that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

      Radix not only requires this attitude but pushes it to the limits. We seek to overcome many technological challenges in order to create the products that we envision. What you see today in Radix is a small part of the company we are working hard to create.


5. Ingredient Quality

    • Why does Radix strive for 100% natural ingredients?
    • Simple. 

      Because this is where we believe we can find the highest concentration of nutrients across the broadest spectrum of naturally occurring and bioavailable micronutrients available.

      It is important to us that we find and use the purest and highest quality natural ingredients available. This is not a marketing exercise but a core value of Radix. We will never settle on ingredient quality and will always drive to find the most nutritious ingredients on earth. We acknowledge that we will never achieve perfection but seek to get closer every day.

    • Why does Radix not source only ingredients locally?
    • In order to achieve our mission, we seek to find the highest quality ingredients on earth. These do not exist in any one location and likely never will.

      Radix has chosen to find the highest quality ingredients with which it hopes to positively change the quality of peoples lives. We do acknowledge this has a larger environmental footprint and you can read more about the efforts that we go to in order to offset these in our Environmental section.

    • What is Radix' stance on organics?
    • We use organic or wild-sourced ingredients where possible.

      We believe that organic ingredients are likely higher in nutritional value.

      We believe that non-natural chemicals and pesticides do not belong in our food and may be found to have damaging effects that are not presently known. In the absence of certainty, we would prefer to not have them in our food. This is a long term aim at Radix and something we will work towards.

      Our aim is to one day be able to offer an entirely organic product range. This long term goal for Radix is something we are continually working towards. Our products and supply chain are too complex to achieve this from day one.


6. The Environment

  • Renewable electricity
  • A large part of Radix’s history was achieved while purchasing electricity from a renewably generated source. This has currently not been possible to put in place at the start-up of Factory 2 but we are in negotiations to move back to solely renewable energy soon.

    Purchasing renewable energy is something we feel passionately about and we hope to one day use solar directly at our facility.

  • Natural gas
  • We do use natural gas for energy input to our freeze-drying process. We use the minimum we can and hope to one day find a better solution.

  • Environmental footprint
  • The food industry has a damaging environmental footprint and we are not proud of this. We believe it does not need to be as damaging as it is and we are continually looking at how our footprint can best be reduced.

    We are striving to minimise our environmental footprint in every area. We are not perfect however we desire to be a role model and a positive force for change in this area by educating the industry in the ways in which we are reducing our footprint.

    We believe that by becoming a role model and educating others we can have the largest impact. We will never keep information in this area secret or use it as a competitive advantage. We believe any advantage we find will be most helpful shared.

  • Packaging
  • We currently use a type of packaging material that is non-recyclable. We are unhappy about this and it is something that we care about a great deal. 

    We are looking for options around this but are stuck by the fact that we need a high-performance barrier against moisture and oxygen that only an aluminium foil laminate can easily provide. We are actively looking for materials that can provide the barrier we require while either using less material or using materials that are recyclable. We acknowledge that this is a difficult area and are striving to find a better solution in the industry. It is, unfortunately, more complex than it may first appear.

    As a design principle, we use the minimum amount of packaging material at all times.

7. Factory Tours

              • Factory tours
              • We welcome you to visit our production facility and see how Radix products are manufactured first hand.

                For further information please contact us at +64 (0)7 981 1282 or via [email protected]. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our fascinating story. 

              • Factory tours for individuals?
              • If your group, team or organisation would like to visit radix and learn more we can help. We can offer factory tours, nutritional Q&A’s and talks on a range of diet and nutrition subjects that we would be glad to discuss further.

                We have offered this to a broad range of visitors, from elite sports teams through to emergency services and members of our partnership programs.

                For further information please contact us at +64 (0)7 981 1282 or via [email protected]. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our fascinating story.