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Review by: - TOP MEAL
If you had to choose one flavour - this should be it. The Chicken Curry is so rich and flavourful, the amount that you get inside is so generous. Some nights on the trail my partner and I would have to fight over who will have the Chicken Curry for the night. It was the envy of everyone in camp, as it smelled really nice as soon as we opened the bags. It is really really yummy! By the third try we had our cooking system with this one down, we found that we have to leave it an extra 5 minutes or so to ensure it is all cooked evenly. However we do usually leave all the meals to cook longer than the instructions to cool down a little too. Can't go wrong with this flavour! (Posted on 5/08/2019)
Review by: - Tastes great
I found this one of the tastier meals in their range, never got sick of it! (Posted on 5/08/2019)
Review by: - Brilliant!
Laugh out loud good! I bought these based on what I
had heard through the hunting community. The
first time I tried them was on a hunting trip with
friends. Comically good... I ended up sharing all of my
first one with mates and having to make a second for
my dinner! A dollar or two more than other options
but honestly I will never go back to anything else.

(Posted on 28/01/2019)
Review by: - Seriously good!!!
Honestly, if someone would make up the meal and
gave it to me for dinner I would never know it was
rehydrated. It's such a great tasting product, so much
flavour. Really, really yum! I usually leave the meal
for 15-20 minutes and stir a few times to make sure
the chicken meatballs rehydrate properly (they can
sometimes be a tiny bit chewy). This is probably my
absolute favourite meal out of all of the ranges.
(Posted on 20/12/2018)
Review by: - Great flavour and quite filling
I ordered this meal to see if it would suit my needs for
an upcoming five-day climbing trip. I followed the
directions to the letter using scales to measure the
270g of water and waited 10 minutes. On eating the
meal I found that the flavour was fantastic, the
viscosity was spot on and I could imagine that under
field conditions it would prove even more palatable!

The only gripe I had was the chicken didn’t rehydrate
at the same rate as the rest of the meal, it wasn't
until I had nearly finished my meal that they became
soft enough. As for the size, I found them to be filling
enough if consumed at the end of a day where you are
keeping on top of your nutritional needs – the
“Expedition” line is touted as being for high calorific
needs. But I guess I need to make the admission I’m a
large eater being in the mid 80kgs range and training
heavily in preparation for this trip. So, long story short,
I’m going to order more of this range for my trip. I
think I’ll add a few more millilitres of water and wait
a few more minutes (if possible!) (Posted on 20/11/2018)

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