Providing precision nutrition from real food in a convenient freeze dried format


What we do

Radix is a leader in applied nutrition. Products are designed with the aim of improving health and performance across a range of nutritional requirements, specific protocols, and dietary allergies. Radix products are used in all spheres of life, from elite athletes at the Olympic level to healthcare practitioners and individuals looking to improve their health.

Applied Nutrition is the methodology of applying the latest in scientific nutritional research to a specific health or performance goal. Radix uses this approach to inform the design processes and manufacturing technology decisions. Radix believes this approach results in products that are highly nutritious, effective and safe.

Radix has worked with teams and individuals across many world-class athletic events. Examples include multiple Olympic games, world championships, Americas Cup, Sail GP, UCI Cycling and motorsport events. Increasingly, Radix is being used by health care professionals and individuals who seek a simpler solution to improving the quality of their diet.

Our mission is to use applied nutrition to target cognitive and physical performance through the enhancement of metabolic function.


How we do it

Our approach features three distinct stages: ingredient sourcing, nutritional design, and manufacturing. We like to call it the Radix Nutrition Architecture (our RNA):


Premium Ingredients

Ingredient Quality. Natural is best.

  • We use natural ingredients because we believe they are the best source of the nutrients required for peak health and performance.
  • When we select an ingredient we carefully consider quality. We look at many factors but our model will allow us to consider factors in the future such as climate, soil quality, farming practices, and processing techniques. All with a focus to find the highest quality ingredients possible.

Innovative Manufacturing

Design. Applied Nutrition.

  • This is our core. It is why Radix was founded. We design products using the latest scientific nutrition research through a methodology called Applied Nutrition.
  • Our product range is growing and our existing  Wellbeing, Performance, Expedition, AIP, and FODMAP ranges are continually evolving. 
  • In addition to the ranges you see, we have a proud history designing bespoke products for some of the worlds highest performing athletes, performers and organizations.

Unique Meal Format

Our Meal Range. An Innovation In Simplicity.

  • Prepare a nutritious meal in minutes. Learn more.
  • Our award-winning packaging protects our natural ingredients, is simple to use and offers a remarkable shelf life.




Radix meal preparation instructions


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