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Enhancing Human Potential Through Applied Nutrition – Since 2013

Nutrition: The Keystone to All Human Performance

We exist so that you can reach your fullest potential.

We do this by connecting you with the highest-quality natural ingredients, conveniently prepared in a nutritionally-designed meal.

Our passion for your potential drives us forward. That’s why we started Radix. We know that research-based diets for maximum health, performance and recovery are often complicated and time-consuming to prepare. To make these diets more sustainable, we craft easy-to-use meals that allow you to focus on the things that matter most.

We think big too. We question everything, consider every detail and refine our meals to achieve more significant performance gains. We look for improvements in simplicity, convenience, quality and reduced environmental footprint. Every gain, every day is measured against our values.


The Radix Nutrition Architecture (RNA): Enhancing Your Potential

Radix Nutrition started from a desire to help people tap their potential through applied nutrition. Using a research-based approach, we bridge the gap between nutritional science and diet. Whether you’re a pro athlete or a health-conscious professional, our meals are designed to better your physical and mental performance. All you have to do is add water.

We believe we are much more than a freeze-drying business. We are a technology company that’s committed to delivering high-quality meals in the most convenient way technically possible. Freeze drying is the technology that enables us to preserve nutritional value best and offers convenience most effectively.

Our approach to design features three distinct stages: sourcing, formulation and delivery. We like to call it the Radix Nutrition Architecture (our RNA):


Premium Ingredients


  • We search the world for the ultra-high quality ingredients. Each component comes from the place or climate where it naturally thrives, providing excellent nutritional value. Every element is free from additives, preservatives, and refined sugars. Because we take minimising our environmental footprint seriously, we place a priority on organic produce where possible.
  • Our approach to sourcing sets the foundation for a 100% natural product that can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. We believe this is really powerful.

Innovative Manufacturing


  • We take the latest scientific research and formulate meals that will support optimal performance. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to build each meal component by component, tailored to suit a variety of specific performance and dietary requirements. We do the nutritional so you can focus on your performance.
  • Our Wellbeing, Performance, Expedition, AIP and FODMAP meals are continually evolving. With an agile approach to development, we actively seek performance gains that will support you better: weight reduction, reduced water requirements, lower packaging volume, higher nutritional values, greater digestibility and increased calorie and nutrient density.

Unique Meal Format


  • The end of this process is an easy-to-use product that enhances your potential. We believe that simplicity is the factor that best enables you to integrate excellent nutrition into your routine or activity. That’s why we strive for simplicity: we want to see you enjoy optimal physical and mental performance.
  • Our award-winning packaging offers excellent nutritional stability in almost any environment. This means that our meals have a remarkable shelf life and won’t spoil, even in hot or extremely wet conditions. For situations where water can be hard to obtain, our meals are designed to require minimal water. Our breakfasts can be rehydrated with hot or cold water, to reduce fuel consumption.


The Company

We aren’t all athletes but that doesn’t mean a healthy diet is out of our reach. Across our Wellbeing, Performance, Expedition, AIP and FODMAP options we offer something to help people from all walks of life perform at their best. To eat one of our meals, all you have to do is add water and wait ten minutes. We reckon it’s pretty simple.


Radix meal preparation instructions


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